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And using your normal unfounded argument,just because he didn't check into Kurdish, it doesn't mean he was not Kurdish and did not know its folklore! The chain of unlucky absurd arguments under no circumstances finishes, but in the long run of it, it will never make Nizami a lot more/fewer than what is understood about him these days. The Educational Marr by the way was originally a superb scholar, but his later on otheories ended up Psuedo-Scholarly as everybody knows. Also with Stalins interference in ethnic issues, a single has no option but to jot down the celebration line. That is definitely why the theories from the USSR about Nizami ended up debunked all over 1988 and that is why you return to Students that had no choice inside the USSR period and had to adhere to Stalins traces and can not come up with even one Professor in Persian literature in A serious College within the West to backup your declare. In which as I can. Also Reported Nafisi, in his e book Babak Delawar-e-Azarbaijan Plainly states that the Turkic Oghuz language happened later on and Babak was Persian (Pahlavi speaker). On top of that in describing Nizamis father, he won't say anything about ethnicity and constatly refers to Nizami being an Iranian poet and nothing at all about becoming an Azarbaijani poet or anyway linked to Azarbaijani Oghuz Turks!

By the way the Russian scholar that built that robust assertion is is not really Armenian as well as if he was, it doesn’t matter! Since you are making use of some Armenian from 1950, While I can use a great deal of Armenian Students from now when the USSR censors and Stalin aren't at get the job done! And Individually there isn't a proof that Armenians gave Mr. Kapustin funds to jot down this Until Mr. Adil Baguirov has photo of the Armenian supplying a suit scenario of hundred greenback payments to this Russian scholar of Iranian reports!

Later on, when best friend of Khosrov, Shapur – who was the 1 to very first explain to about Shirin and Mihin-Banu to Khosrov, and afterwards very first go and fulfill her, persuade to fulfill Khosrov – describes Farhad to Khosrov, below’s what he suggests in an extremely revealing passage:

Mr.. Baguirov by utilizing verses that doesn't exist(I'll show a very good example of this sort of forgery in the last part of this response) has revealed that he fully lacks any reliability to discuss problems about Nizami’s wife. In fact the whole verse is often taken as metaphor and there is no cause for me to get side on this difficulty, given that we will never know for one hundred%. All We all know is the fact that even when she was a Turkic slave supplied through the ruler of Darband, this does not make Nizami’s father a Turk!

Any typos and spelling issues from the above mentioned response is because of The truth that the response is extended and sad to say Mr. Adil Buguirov jumped from Armenians to Persians to Russians remaining paid out by Armenian to Afghanistan to Dede Korkot to.. It's got no bearing on the proof presented and that is not trick to actually disregard the fact that Mr. Baguirov can not demonstrate what he hopes to verify, for me, nor the scholarly Local community in the West along with Individuals from the breakup of your USSR onwards. Else it would have now been stated within the Encyclopedia Britannica. The leading focus here is on Nizamis father and there is no verse that mentions his ethnicity and so the rest is guess perform Despite the fact that most likely his father was Kurdish, judging because of the non-Turkic character of Nizamis five jewels.

And eventually you can not prove it from a single verse that Nizamis other fifty percent was 100% everything from any ethnicity. Encyclopedia Britannica has left that part as blank. So for now Kurds will declare the ethnic glory, if you will.

Pleasant consider, Mr. Doostzadeh, but You're not suitable about manuscripts – They are really typically additional specific and correct the more mature They can be – there isn't a opposite correlation.

This is yet another dialogue nevertheless. But click resources allow me to point out in a single sentence that the level of falsehood popping out from the some of the scholars of your caucus is too much to handle although I've some articles over it. Mainly, Avesta getting old Turkish!, Armenians remaining Turks, Caucasian Albanians currently being Turks, Medes staying Turks, Khazar and Azar hold the same root! (example of truly insane etymological work)..this kind of statements ended up manufactured and are still produced by several of the Professors in People caucasian republics while publications by some neutral Students like Prof. Eghrar Alioff have already been reported for being burnt by some more than-zealous ultra-nationalists.

So as it is possible to the rivalry concerning Iranians and Turks existed, that is a simple fact. At times there was constructive relationship and in my latest blog post some cases damaging (on account of constant plunder of assorted Turkic tribes which had to do with their method of nomadic Way of living rather than necessarily with their genes. Indeed Germans in which like that at just one time in heritage and so the place the Vikings..).

[forty four] Also You will find a great deal of Iranian nomads too who use loads of dairy goods. As well as borrowing meals from unique cultures has very long been custom Whilst once more Zoroastrianism praises milk highly as almost certainly do other religions.

5) Mr. Baguirov tends to make statements which i denied Nizamis Diwan. What I denied was that lots of of poems are certainly not reliable In line with diverse Students.

49, No. one, 1986), we examine:The Oghuz tribes(Azarbaijani Turkic speakers speak Oghuz language and are deemed Oghuz via the nationalists) which fashioned The premise from the Saljuq power, and also to just one which the Seljuqs belonged had been culturally backward, and contrary on the viewpoint Sophisticated by some scholars(He mentions a pan-turkic scholar with the name of F.(Fuwwad?) Koprulu), didn't posses a written language. Thus the Seljuqs didn't, or instead could not consider measures in the direction of the propagating the Turkish language, inside of a prepared kind, significantly less the patronage of Turkish letters.

هرکسی پیش او زمین می‌رفت در خور فتح آفرین می‌گفت پهلوی خوان پارسی فرهنگ پهلوی خواند بر نوازش چنگ شاعران عرب چو در خوشاب شعر خواندند بر نشید رباب شاه فرهنگ دان شعر شناس بیش از آن دادشان که بود قیاس

«Дело не в том, что закавказских [азербайджанских – прим. авт.] литераторов и ученых было много, гораздо более важным элементом является их своеобразие. Не столько совпадение во времени, сколько это своеобразие является поводом для объединения в самостоятельную группу, у истоков которой, собственно, уже стоит Катран [Тебризи – прим.

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